RurouniTJ (rurounitj) wrote in wolves_of_mibu,

I didn't realize The Colonel earned his commission in 1860s Kyoto...

I had the opportunity to visit Japan with some friends last month, and I made a point of visiting Mibudera. It felt a little odd praying to improve my Meiji-era Toyama Ryu swordsmanship at the home of the Tokugawa loyalists, but I had to get in a sword-prayer somewhere, and this seemed otherwise fitting enough.

Beware, lots of pictures behind the cut. All but the first two came from Mibu Temple - The Colonel was near the Fujiyama Internet Cafe (I think) in the Teramachi shopping arcade; my friends posing were photographed in front of a small temple tucked behind one side of a big courtyard in the middle of the arcade.

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