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[FanFic] PeaceMaker Kurogane - Snippets of Shinsengumi Life


Several unrelated one-shots, following the everyday life, unrequited love and hopeful future of some Shinsengumi members, but not only. To be posted over the next two weeks.

[Characters]: Hijikata Toshizo,
Ichimura Tatsunosuke, Ichimura Tetsunosuke, Kitamura Suzu, Okita Souji, Saya, Yamanami Keisuke, Yamazaki Susumu and Yoshida Toshimaro.
[Genre/Theme]: Angst; Romance, Humour,
[Content/Warnings]: Slash between two male characters
Spoilers for episodes 19, 21 and 23
[Done]: November and December 2007. Edit throughout 2008.
[Beta]: Not beta-read

1. He Liked the Boy - Souji ponders his feeling s for Tetsu-kun and how the boy will affect his life within the Shinsengumi.
2. Till The Very Last Speck - Susumu contemplates the breaking of his heart.
to post 18.Nov.08 3. What, if not...? - Hijikata in a guilt trip over the way he treated Souji and is treating Tetsu-kun.
to post 20.Nov.08 4. Jasmine Tea - Tetsu watches as his brother and Yamanami share a cup of tea.
to post 22.Nov.08 5. Down the Corridor - Agonizing moments before Hijikata reaches the end of a very long corridor.
to post 24.Nov.08 6. Punishment - Suzu is punished by his Sensei when he fails to do what he was ordered. (NC-17)
to post 26.Nov.08 7. Training - Tetsu spends some awkward moments while training with Hijikata-san
to post 28.Nov.08 8. Almost - Tetsu and Suzu almost get there before Saya interrupts them.

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