sauntering vaguely downward (aziraphale_666) wrote in wolves_of_mibu,
sauntering vaguely downward

Shinsengumi Destinations!

Hello everyone,

My roommate and I are off to Japan in a week, and I'm hoping to hit up as many Shinsengumi-related sites as I can while we're there. I've been reading all your back posts and staring wistfully at everyone's beautiful pictures, but I wanted to ask formally if anyone has any 'must see' locations that they would recommend, as well as general directions on how to get to them? Our Japanese is very limited, unfortunately, and we're also concerned about what will actually be open to the public, since we'll be there over New Year's (December 26th - January 5th).

Any advice anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! ^_^
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